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Dear Customers,

Law Office Lex Aspect Burgas offers the legal service subscription for your convenience. It will give you peace of mind to do your work and not to get away with side-thoughts. As you know, normative acts regulate all the spheres of activity of the companies and they need to be monitored for future changes.

Failure to comply with certain laws or regulations leads to the imposition of different types of sanctions and, in some cases, to criminal liability. The existence of the above circumstances requires that commercial companies, through their governing bodies, engage in qualified lawyer assistance.

More about the subscription service offered:

Business processes in each company require mandatory legal control. Many commercial companies hire a legal adviser to provide legal support for the company, but as practice often shows, one individual can hardly handle multilateral legal relationships.

We offer complex subscription legal services to companies in the course of their business. Highly qualified lawyers, specialists in various legal fields are at your disposal. The presence of a lawyer to turn to at any moment is a great asset to business. This can save you a valuable financial resource.

Advantages of signing a subscription Legal Service:

  1. You enter into a subscription legal service agreement, after which you can be fully confident that all legal issues concerning your business will be under constant control;
  2. At your disposal are professionals with many years of professional experience in different areas of law;
  3. Expert conduct of negotiations. It is a well-known fact that attorneys are experienced mediators capable of ending any conflict, thus saving future costs for their trusties;
  4. The wide range of insights and varied practice allow lawyers to find a solution to each case;
  5. In the relationship with their trustee, attorneys are required to observe a lawyer’s secret. Any information that is of interest to your competitors is confidential;
  6. The legal status of a lawyer allows legal assistance, protection and assistance to the governing bodies of the commercial companies for administrative and criminal offenses;
  7. Collaboration with a law firm always gives a positive economic result. An additional argument in favor of subscription legal services is the avoidance of financial costs inevitably accompanying the maintenance of a dedicated legal department.

We can offer you the following services in connection with subscription legal services:

  1. Legal advice in oral and written matters on all legal issues;
  2. Representation of the company to various state and municipal offices;
  3. Litigation before all courts;
  4. Preparation of documents for all types of transactions concerning your company;
  5. Preparation of documents for any change of circumstances: change of seat and address of management, change of manager, acceptance and exclusion of partners, etc.
  6. Analysis of contracts and documents relating to the company’s activities. Expert conclusions on various legal issues arising during the company’s operations;
  7. Preparation of documents for collection of receivables, avoidance of corporate indebtedness;
  8. Protects the interests of the client before judicial authorities, representation before the bodies of the executive proceedings.

Payments for Subscribed Legal Services can be made in several ways:

Payment of Subscription Fee. If the company has a large and constant volume of work, we recommend this option as the customer pays once a month and has the opportunity to plan the cost of subscription legal services.

Payment by the hour. This option is for clients whose business does not generate big volume of work. It is also useful in case of unpredictable legal cases arise which need to be resolved on a temporary basis.

We also offer the opportunity for a lawyer to visit you on the spot.

*Procedural representation is additionally paid.

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