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* In case of urgent and urgent cases, we accept clients on Saturdays and Sundays, subject to a prior reservation.

Dear Clients,

To arrange a professional legal counseling meeting, you can call (+ 359) 887 985 788 or send an inquiry using the electronic form you see at the bottom of this page. Personal consultation with a lawyer gives the most value to the customer. During the meeting, the client has the opportunity to acquaint the lawyer with his case and the available documents, as well as to detail the essence of the issues of interest. The lawyer, for his part, can understand the client with a number of details that are important to solve his problem.

The eye-to-eye counseling usually helps the client overcome the psychological barrier in presenting the personal data needed to provide high quality legal aid to the client.

The on-the-spot consultation is the best way to establish contact between the client and the lawyer, but if you are hindered and physically unable to make

such a meeting, of course, everything can happen through email, phone, Skype or other communication, convenient for you.

The prices of the lawyer’s services are determined by the complexity, the volume of work , and the familiarity with the relevant case-by-case documentation. In determining the amount of attorney’s fees, we always adhere to Ordinance No. 1 of 09.07.2004 on the minimum amount of attorney’s fees issued by the Supreme Bar Council.



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Nowadays, digitization has become part of our lives and we believe that legal practice needs to be up to date, law firm Lex Aspect offers a legal counseling through electronic form for inquiry.

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