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Prices of legal services


Dear Customers,

Attorney’s fees or the cost of the legal service is a major intersection between the interests of the client and the law firm. It is necessary to achieve balance, transparency and understanding in defining the parameters of the lawyer’s remuneration. The price of the legal service cannot be unjustifiably high or too low, because in one case the high and unfair price will repel the client and in the other case the low price is a sign of unfair competition towards the lawyer’s community.


Therefore, we at Law Firm Lex Aspect stick to a number of principles that we think are equitable attorney’s fees, and they are as follows:

  • First of all, looking at your legal problem free of charge

We would like you to share with us all the details about your problem without feeling pressed.

  • Secondly, we take into account the possibilities of the client.
  • Thirdly, but not least, we always adhere to the Ordinance, which regulates the lawyers’ fees
  • Finally, we clearly and transparently inform you about the costs outside the lawyer’s fees (state fees, if there are such) and what exactly is the cost of the legal service

Lawyers’ fees in the Republic of Bulgaria can be freely negotiated, yet most lawyers and law firms adhere to the minimum required remuneration, legally regulated through Ordinance No. 1 of 09.07.2004 on the minimum amount of attorney’s fees issued by the Supreme Bar Council. The last version of the above-mentioned Ordinance is from 2016, which is usually done when there are changes in the minimum wage. Here is the amendment to the SAC regulation published in the State`s Gazette.

Key points

Basically, the minimum amount of about half of the lawyers’ fees mentioned in the Ordinance are increased. But the main changes concern mainly civil and administrative affairs. Below you can find some of the main points in the Ordinance:

  • The lawyer’s salary is paid in advance and is due on the date of the conclusion of a legal aid contract, but it is not excluded and can be deferred in several installments.
  • If the case is returned to the court for reconsideration, attorney’s fee for legal representation is due at each instance.
  • Fees for civil the matters are determined for each claim individually.
  • A lawyer’s fee is not subject to return if:
  1. Voluntary settlement of the dispute is reached
  2. The case is closed by conciliation or settlement
  3. The case is terminated due to the withdrawal of the claim.

Allegation of excess over lawyers’ fees

Notwithstanding the court proceedings, it is possible to object to lawyer’s fees. The so-called “objection of excessive” is made when the lawyer’s fee paid does not correspond to the factual and legal complexity of the case. As a result, the attorney’s fee may be reduced to the minimum amount specified in the aforementioned Ordinance. In some cases, however, the court may consider that much evidence has been collected in the course of the case and numerous procedural hearings have been held and, in fact, not to respect the objection of excess. The approach and the final result in every case are different.


Subscription service Law Office Lex Aspect offers the following services when paying a monthly or annual subscription:

  • Private Attorney for Individuals, more about the service you can read here.
  • Subscription for legal entities, more information here.

For the price of subscription legal services, you need to contact us by phone or via the inquiry form so we can make an evaluation and discuss your specific needs, since the legal service needs of any individual or legal entity are strictly individual. If you do not find the lawyer fees you are interested in on this page, contact us.  Call us on (+359) 887 985 788 or fill out the inquiry form below on this page to see how we can be of your service.

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