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My name is Dichko Yanev, a lawyer. I am a Founder and Managing Partner of Law Firm Lex Aspect.

I was born in 1984 in Burgas. I graduated from Burgas Free University. I am registered as a lawyer at the Burgas Bar Association since 2013. Besides my mother tongue, I speak Russian and English. I take being a lawyer seriously and responsibly, I believe it is my calling. I am ready to help because I believe in human prudence and justice.

I believe that a person, no matter his profession, must leave something behind. I hope I will be able to leave a lot of destiny’s changed for the better. The beginning of my legal career began in 2011 when I worked as a legal advisor to the Russian Information Center in Bulgaria and gained valuable experience in immigration law.

Conscientious and Ethical Law Practice

I have my own law practice from the end of 2013. I have had many cases, mostly in the field of civil law; I have solved a number of business, family, tax, intellectual property, contract and real estate law cases. As a proxy of my trustees, I offer high quality services and excellent results. Over the years, I have proven to my clients and colleagues the high moral and professional qualities that are at the heart of my successful practice.

There are two things you will certainly receive from me – my diligence and dedication to every case. For me, everyone is equal – I do not set my priorities according to the clients’ financial capabilities. As for both the law and me, everyone is equal. From the ordinary client to large corporations, everyone gets their attention.

I investigate every legal case in depth and detail, which implies a careful analysis of the relevant evidence; to examine the case, where necessary, to make visits outside the office, in order to gain a realistic view of a particular legal case. Then I offer a variety of flexible solutions, draw up a strategy and action plan and fulfill my commitments. I offer legal assistance to both Bulgarian and foreign physical and corporate clients.

I believe that:

Not the glamorous office and the archaic jargon make the lawyer, but rather the knowledge, the urge to constant improvement and, last but not least, the attitude towards its own trustee. As a client of the office, you will have my experience, strategy and support; you will have a trustworthy and reliable partner that will be with you step of the way to achieve your goal. If you have any questions, comments or you need to talk, contact me via form below or on the listed phone number.

Yours sincerely,

Attorney Dichko Yanev

 lex aspect Attorney Dichko Yanev

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